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missing miss macy

I had a Macy-free afternoon today since I had a hair appointment.  I was looking forward to my afternoon off of mom duty, but it’s weird when I don’t have her in the car with me.  I am shouting about buses to no one and keep checking for her in my rearview mirror.  I still had a nice and relaxing afternoon, but I missed my girl.

For dinner, I grabbed a rotisserie chicken at Giant and made a simple macaroni salad to go with it.  We also had some blueberries, which tasted oh so good.  I haven’t had good blueberries since last summer.  Macy really loved them too.  She sat on the kitchen floor with the container for a good 10 minutes devouring as many as she could.

Mac salad: Just boiled noodles and a few eggs, add mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper.  Simple, but delicious.

Macy loves her mac salad (signing for more while stuffing her face).

I’m happy to be feeling a little better and have an appetite back.  I enjoyed a glass of sweet tea on the side.  It really felt like summer today!

After dinner, I spent some time outside with Macy Woo.  Here is she is saying so big, even though her size 6-12 month shorts are still big on her.  She’s sweet and petite 🙂


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