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great big globs of…


The other night, we were sitting on our porch when this little guy came to say hello.  I thought that I recalled my mom collecting slugs from her garden with a shallow cup of beer.  Thinking that slugs liked beer (and wouldn’t mind getting a little buzz on), I told Lynn to share hers with our new friend.  Pretty soon, he started to swell up and stopped moving.  We weren’t sure if he was drunk or dying, so I googled it.  Well it turns out my mom DID use beer to catch slugs…to kill them! This guy was a goner 😦

Not too long after, a bunch of slugs invaded our space, my interest in them faded, and Lynn started getting freaked out, so we moved inside.  Please observe a moment of silence for the death of our dear slug friend.


Comments on: "great big globs of…" (2)

  1. Yuck! They creep me out! They started eating my marigolds last year and my mom told me the same thing… And it worked! Our mommas are pretty smart 🙂

  2. Poor slugs…
    Eww even the word is grossing me out!

    And thank God for google now a days!

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