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frogtown dinner

My mom has been here helping us prepare for the big shin dig tomorrow and treated us to dinner last night at the Frogtown Inn.  (Thanks Mom!)  It was delicious, as usual.
Kitty and I shared a wedge salad as an appetizer while Blake polished off clams casino.imageimage
As entrees, Blake and my mom both had the filet while I enjoyed what may have ben the most delicious bowl of pasta ever.  It was shrimp, bay scallops, and lobster with a roasted red pepper alfredo sauce over penne. YUM!imageimageThe two boozehounds hadn’t had enough to drink, so we went to sit outside at Basso for a drink and then another quick one at the new Pourhouse. It was a wonderful night spent with my mommy!



You may have noticed my recent lack of posts.  There is a reason for it, and it’s not that I am lazy or had the baby. It’s because my computer broke 😦  Not to worry, it is on it’s way to being fixed (hopefully, as long as the estimate doesn’t come back at $500).
I can blog from my tablet but it’s not as convenient as composing posts from the computer… Hopefully I’ll be back in full force in 10-15 business days!

midnight sneak preview


Okay, I know it’s not midnight, but I seriously feel like it is.  I have been going non-stop today.
We picked up the furniture for Macy’s new room!  Blake and I were both excited to get everything in the room and set-up. I will share more pictures soon, but here is a quick peek at her new bedding. I love it!  Now let’s just hope she’s excited to sleep there.  Tomorrow grandma is sleeping over…sounds like the perfect first night in the new room to me 😉

stranger danger


Here is another belly picture from the beach.  I feel like it grew just while we were there but today at the grocery store, 2 women didn’t realize I was pregnant (until I stepped away from the cart) and 3 others told Macy that she’s having a baby brother.  I love when strangers just assume things. The cashier also told me that I’m Polish because Macy and I both have blond hair and blues eyes.  Nope, not Polish, and this blond is fake. But thanks, I guess??

alone time


Yesterday was one of those days where I desperately needed a break from Macy, but didn’t get one.  She was testing me all day long and the whining was a little out of control.
Since I couldn’t indulge myself in wine, I opted for an ice cream cone instead.  It left me feeling better wishing I had the wine.
It’s funny because I used to really dislike alone time.  I just preferred to be surrounded by people. In fact, when I had Macy one of my favorite things was that I felt like I had a sidekick to do things with.  Now, I long for an afternoon alone to go shopping, get a pedicure, or just sit on the couch uninterrupted.
I do love my little shadow most of the time though.  She is definitely my best bud and I’ll take an annoying afternoon with her over a quiet afternoon on the couch anyday.

oak floor


Today Blake took the day off from work to put down the floor in Macy’s new room.  He actually ended up getting the whole thing done and it looks amazing!  Now we can pick up the new furniture.
In case you were wondering, it is an oak floor from Lowes and we bought the wood, nails, and other supplies for just under $500. I think it was money well spent. The room looks 100 times better.  Only the best for our Macy!

show me the bacon

This morning, Macy gave us the luxury of sleeping in until 8.  I figured that we won’t have many of these mornings in our near future, so I also prepared a big breakfast for us.  I vaguely recall not eating breakfast in the morning until 9 or 10 o’clock when Macy was an infant… really not looking forward to those sleepless nights.imageSo, bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and toast it was! It’s like Burger King in this house where everyone gets it their way.  Macy’s toast is with grape jelly and a bagel sandwich covered in ketchup for me.

imageI was only able to eat half of my sandwich because this baby is taking up too much room in my belly.  The half I did eat was delicious though 🙂