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whole wheat flour

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning using whole wheat pastry flour.  I have wanted to try this out for awhile, but just baked my first batch this morning.  I follow the recipe on the Toll House chocolate chip bag.

I read online that whole wheat flour can cause baked goods to be much more dense, so I substituted only 1/2 of the flour that the recipe called for with whole wheat.  I was also careful not to mix the dough too much after adding in my whole wheat flour.  One website recommended sifting the flour before adding it, which I did not do, but I think that my finished product was still delicious.

The cookies were slightly more dense, definitely flatter than normal, had a little bit of a grainy texture (which no one seemed to mind), and were REALLY good.  I will definitely be using this again to give my baked goods a nutritional boost!

I will also say that I loved baking in my new kitchen, with my new oven.  With the double oven, I was able to mix, bake, and clean up an entire batch of cookies in well under an hour.  Just call me Betty Crocker.


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