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There is an ice cream place in Stone Harbor called Springers and I am officially obsessed.  I fell in love with the vanilla PB brownie flavor when I was pregnant with Macy and it is still my fav.  There ice cream is a little expensive, but it is all homemade and delicious, so I feel like it is worth it.

On Sunday night, Stef and I really wanted some ice cream, but sleepyhead Macy was already in bed.  Our loving husbands offered to go pick it up for us.  What they didn’t count on was a line out to the street corner and a 25 minute wait.   Thanks hubbies!

We also took a family trip there one day and ate inside at a table.  Macy tried the ‘Moreo’- mint ice cream with oreos and clearly enjoyed it.  That day I tried the ‘Cease and Desist’- coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate covered toffee pieces.  It was good, but I will be going back to my favorite vanilla peanut butter brownie next time!


Comments on: "springers" (1)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Yum! Bring some home for Grandma!!

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