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alone time


Yesterday was one of those days where I desperately needed a break from Macy, but didn’t get one.  She was testing me all day long and the whining was a little out of control.
Since I couldn’t indulge myself in wine, I opted for an ice cream cone instead.  It left me feeling better wishing I had the wine.
It’s funny because I used to really dislike alone time.  I just preferred to be surrounded by people. In fact, when I had Macy one of my favorite things was that I felt like I had a sidekick to do things with.  Now, I long for an afternoon alone to go shopping, get a pedicure, or just sit on the couch uninterrupted.
I do love my little shadow most of the time though.  She is definitely my best bud and I’ll take an annoying afternoon with her over a quiet afternoon on the couch anyday.


Comments on: "alone time" (2)

  1. Kristina said:

    awwww…wish I was closer so you and I could have a “kids free” hour to go shopping or get a pedicure!

  2. I love and need alone time! I always have, but now I enjoy it even more. My day today was like yours yesterday!

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