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With baby #2, I have adopted an “expect the worst” attitude.  I figure this way I am prepared for difficult times, and if things are easier than expected, I am pleasantly surprised.

1) expectation- sick first trimester, emotional pregnancy, lots of swelling.

That’s what I experienced with Macy, so I expected to feel the same this time.  But, I had almost no nasusea, no headaches, and have (knock on wood) not gotten swollen yet.  I was also an emotional basket case while I was pregnant with Macy, but this time I feel mostly like myself with just a few emotional outbursts to date.  I think my husband appreciates this.

outcome= pleasantly surprised

2) expectation-60 hour labor

When I was pregnant with Macy, I thought that my labor would last for 24 hours max.  Who has ever heard of a longer labor, right?  Well, wow was I surprised when contractions started on Saturday at noon and I didn’t give birth until Monday night… Needless to say, it was a long three days.  While I hope to God this doesn’t happen to me again, I will plan on it and then when I do give birth in a normal time period (fingers crossed) I will feel like a million bucks.

outcome= tbd

3) expectation-baby will sleep through the night at 18 months

My mom told me that all of her kids slept through the night by 9 weeks old.  I thought ‘I can deal with that.’  Then my neighbor told me her kids didn’t sleep through the night until 6 months old.  I was thinking ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t do that.  I need my sleep.  How ridiculous.’  Fast forward one year and my child still did not sleep through the night.  I read the sleep book and tried everything they suggested, but Macy was still hungry during the night.  My pediatrician even told me not to let her cry it out (when I was hoping she would be the one to make me feel okay about doing it).

outcome= tbd

When you have a baby, you don’t really know what to expect.  Even if you plan ahead, there will still be unforseen issues that arise.  Since this is a different child, I am sure we will have some different challenges, but I am hoping that with some experience under our belts we will have an easier time this around.


Comments on: "expect the worst, hope for the best" (2)

  1. That’s a Great attitude to have. All of my friends with more than one say if you have a rough go the first time around the second baby will be a breeze! I will pray that for you, but either way you got this mommy thing down- you will be fine! Good luck can’t wait to hear all about it…

  2. I hope you have an easier labor this time!!! I give you soooo much credit, being that uncomfortable for so long – not that you had much of a choice… Good luck, Rita!!

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