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babies on board



Since my life currently is revolving around baby feedings and poopy diapers, you can expect a lot more mommy related posts in the future.  This means less recipes, less recaps of date nights with the hubby, and less variety.  So, if you’re totally uninterested in all things baby related, you will probably start to hate my blog.  BUT, if you want to hear all about breast feeding, sore nipples, and lack of sleep, then this is the place to be!!  Stay tuned 🙂



Comments on: "babies on board" (3)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    You know that Grandma’s on board to read it all!!

  2. I personally love to hear someone else talk about breasts, milk, poop, baby tusches, etc….haha!! Don’t worry, you’ll soon think about recipes again….I think the post-labor haze lasts a little less with each baby! 🙂 Enjoy the first weeks………Emma is 5 months old today, and I feel like I just had her but also can’t remember not having her! Oh, I am rambling. All of that just to say I will still read your blog!!

  3. The best part about a blog…..reading the the real, everyday experiences!

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