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white trash

Over the weekend we attended the second annual white trash party at our friends Beth and Tony’s house.  We took the girls, so didn’t stay long but still had a lot of fun.

I bought these awful sweatpants for the occasion- sponge bob squarepants! In velour!  They were so ugly and I will never wear then again (unless I’m REALLY cold. They are insanely warm!).  If I hadn’t had a baby 4 weeks ago, I probably would’ve also bared my midriff, although on second though the flabby skin may have actually added to the look I had going on 😉


Blake rocked this awesome ensemble and used our newborn daughter as a prop.  Hands off ladies, he is all mine!


Macy got to wear her pajamas in the middle of the day and thought that was pretty fun.

image The best part of the party for me was that my BFF Tiff was there.  Being the matchmaker that I am, I hooked her up with our friend Tom and they have been happily dating for the past few months 🙂





Avery has been smiling at me so much today and making sweet little cooing noices.  I almost forgot how precious the first smiles are.  All of the first moments are really so wonderful and memorable.

I haven’t gotten a picture of her smiling yet, but here’s the next best thing- sleeping peacefully.

second attempt

Yesterday I needed to get out of the house.  It’s been raining all week and I couldn’t take being stuck inside with the girls anymore. So, mid-morning we headed out to Target.  We didn’t make it through the outing without crying, but it was a great improvement over last week.  Macy was very well behaved and Avery only cried at the end of our (short) trip when she needed to be fed and changed.  We limited our shopping to one store to avoid meltdowns and I think this helped a lot.

I also had my second running experience post-baby and I discovered my new cheerleader drill sargent personal trainer in Macy.  When I would stop to walk, she would protest with “more” and “fast.”  I think she liked the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair 🙂  I’m already looking forward to my next speed workout!

love my goat


On Friday night we hosted our traditional happy hour with the neighbors and I enjoyed a glass of this delicious vino.  We had a great time (as usual) chatting about the week and staring at the sleepy babies.  Looks like a neighborhood Halloween party is in the works too… already looking forward to that.

Happy hour, soiree, cocktails- no matter what you call it, it’s the best way to kick off the weekend 🙂

guess who went for a run?

That’s right!  This girl 🙂

Yesterday I set off to run nearly 2 miles and I was quite impressed with myself.  I guess walking during my pregnancy DID keep me in decent shape.  I only had to stop to walk once, and I kept a pretty solid pace for my first run in 8 months.

I have some fitness and weight loss goals that I would like to accomplish in the coming months.  I plan to:

  • run more often- hopefully 3-4 days a week
  • work on toning my entire body, especially butt, stomach, and arms
  • lose 10 lbs (I am still 5 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight and 5 more lbs away from where I want to be)
Most days that I run, I will be pushing nearly 100 lbs (34 lb stroller + 8 lb carseat + 22 lb kid + 10 lb kid) so that will add some definite resistance to my run.  Wish me luck in this endeavor and I will keep you updated with my progress!

independent woman

Macy is exploring her independence, which means she is getting picky about what she wears… The other day she refused to wear the shoes I picked out for her (that coordinated perfectly with her outfit).  Then she wanted to wear her clothes to bed instead of pajamas.

Today she picked out her top and pants.  I hope she was going for a comfortable look and not a stylish one 😉

my girls