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under the sea

About a month ago, we celebrated Macy’s birthday with a party at home.  I knew that it would be too hectic to host a party with a brand new baby at home, so we celebrated early.  And today, I thought multiple times “thank god we already had that party!”.  I love hosting parties, but they are a lot of work.  I even tried to keep this party simple.  I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of my mom’s help.  Thanks KiKi! 🙂

Originally, I wanted to have a mermaid party (because Macy likes mermaids) but it was too hard to find mermaid party decor, so I settled for an “under the sea” theme.  I had some blow up fish in a net, blue punch, a candy bar complete with swedish fish, gummy worms, and “fish egg” skittles, and pin the tail on the mermaid.  However, the real hit of the party was the bounce house we borrowed from a new friend.  The kids absolutely LOVED it.

It was a wonderful day spent surrounded by friends and family that love our little Macy Reese just as much as we do.


Comments on: "under the sea" (4)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Loved that day!! Happy Birthday, Macy!!

  2. What a cute party. I am having a candy bar for Ella’s first birthday party. Where did you find the little metal scoop? I’m sure it’s easier to find once I actually get home.

    • Sorry I haven’t responded to you sooner… I bought the scoops online though. I don’t remember where I got them from because it was so long ago (remember we did a candy bar for our engagement party?). I would check amazon. They have everything 🙂

  3. […] borrowed this same style of bounce house from a friend for Macy’s birthday party last year, and after being reminded how much this girl loves to […]

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