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Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day

imagethat started with a baby playdate, including Tinsley, Jamison, and Avery.

imageThen we got a few trees, eight to be exact, cut down.  Our front yard now looks like this:

imageA delicious lunch from our local deli was enjoyed.  White bean and sausage soup with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Mmm 🙂

imageAfter a hectic afternoon, we kicked back and relaxed with GMK and Justin.  Plus a few organic, pumpkin beers from Vermont.  Happy Friday!


bobby in a boppy

Boppies aren’t just for babies anymore.


Marinara Sauce

  • 1 large spanish onion, chopped
  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 6-8 large cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil (or 1 tsp dry basil)
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 3- 28 oz cans whole tomatoes (crushed by hand)
  • 3 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper

Saute onions and garlic with 1 cup of olive oil in a 4 quart saucepan.

When onions and garlic are golden in color, add tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, and tomato paste.  Bring to a boil, lower flame and simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally.

I used an immersion blender to blend my sauce before serving.  This made enough for at least 2 meals.  Add spicy sausage for a kick or hamburger for a meaty marinara sauce.  YUM!What do you do to keep your kids occupied when you’re cooking?  On this particular day I relied on blocks and the swing (on high, of course), but I could use some more activities to add to the list!

why didn’t I think of that?

My friend Maureen brought us these delicious cookies when she came to visit us and meet Avery.  They are sold at a shop near her house, in individual cookies that can be baked one at a time.  She remembered my favorite flavor too- Peanut butter chocolate chip!  I kept them in the freezer until I was ready to bake them.  I loved that I could just make a few at a time and that I didn’t have to spend the time to mix up the dough.  Plus, they were delicious!  I may or may not have even 4 of the 6 cookies baked.  Plus one ball of dough. (Insert embarrassed face here).


imageThis gift gave me a great idea.  This weekend, I am going to mix up some cookie dough and freeze cookie balls to be baked later.  Genius!

imageI think Macy was a satisfied customer too 🙂

in, not out


This Thursday night off was spent in (and halfway on duty).  I don’t mind one bit though.  A sleeping baby, a glass of wine, staying out of the cold rain, and catching up on my TiVo shows still amount to a good night for me.

a new use for dryer sheets

Ever wonder what to do with the dryer sheets after you’re done with the laundry?  A few weeks ago, I noticed how dusty my nightstand was while I was folding the laundry.  So, I used the dryer sheets to wipe the nightstands and the dressers.  It worked great!  The dryer sheets attracted all the dust AND left a pleasant odor behind.  Maybe this isn’t a new idea to anyone, but it is to me and I’m pretty excited about it 🙂

two, two, two

Miss Avery Mae is two months old today!

Two is the number of the day!  Two girls (two year old and two month old),with two dogs to play with, and two parents who are totally in love with them.