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thirsty thursday

I told Blake that I need one night off a week, and he miraculously agreed!  So, from now on, I am available on Thursday nights!  My plans include going to the gym, out for drinks, to see a movie, solo shopping trips, and mani/pedis.  Who wants to hang out?

It’s wonderful being a mom, but I think that returning to my pre-mom days once a week will make me a better mom the other six.


Comments on: "thirsty thursday" (8)

  1. what a great husband……aren’t you lucky!!!!

  2. Great idea! Thursday nights are my night off too! That’s when I usually go to Zumba. Wish we were close enough to do stuff together.

  3. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    You’re great, Blake!! Enjoy your time, Rita, I’m sure it will help to recharge your life.

  4. Blake IS a good husband, but I didn’t give him much of a choice on this one. We’ll see how much he looks forward to Thursday nights from now on. Probably not as much as I will 😉

  5. I will come down some Thursday an get a pedicure with you! :]

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