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optical illusion

Today I took the kids to storytime at the library, got the dogs groomed, made applesauce and raisin bread, did 2 loads of laundry, and went for a run.  This may seem like a great, productive day, but allow me to elaborate…

At storytime, Macy made a huge to-do about the fact that she had to poop in the middle of the second story.  She got up from her seat, grunted in one of the aisles, and then DIDN’T poop.  We went to get coffee afterwards and Avery was so hungry that I had to feed her in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts.  When I went to pick up the dogs, she confirmed that they both have fleas.  We came home (to our cold house since our heat was broke) and since everyone seemed content, I got to work making applesauce and raisin bread.  Fifteen minutes in, Macy woke up Avery.  Crying Screaming ensued.  Since I had already started the bread, I had to get it in the oven, which left Avery to cry in the swing.  As if I didn’t feel bad enough, the heating guy was in our basement fixing the furnace and witnessing the whole thing.  I’m pretty sure he now thinks I’m a negligent mother.  The last two things on the list were only done because they had to be.  Macy didn’t have any clean pajamas left and after this hellish day I needed a run to blow off some steam.


Sometimes, things just aren’t what they seem.  Good night!


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  1. But look at how much you accomplished! Even with a few hiccups 😉 In the end, it still was a very productive day, not to mention that you got all that done with a 2 year old and a 1 month old baby, and that’s impressive. I think that’s funny about the heating guy, and I would probably feel embarrassed too but if he has kids, he knows what it’s like!

    And now you have inspired me to have a productive day so I better get downstairs and exercise…which is the main reason I get out of my cozy bed at 5 am 🙂

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