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I am scared of spiders.  Really scared.  I hate them.  And, I blame my mother for this intense fear.  Every time she sees a spider, she screams so loud that you don’t know if you should run or call 911.  I decided that the fear of spiders will stop with me.  I am trying very hard to not pass on this fear to my daughters.  To accomplish this, I do not overact when I see spiders and instead of referring to them as “gross”, I try to use words like “neat” and “cool”, even though I don’t think they are either.  When a spider was on Macy’s shirt, my motherly instinct kicked in and I brushed it right off of her without a second thought.  I really surprised myself with that one.

Maybe my new-found attitude is helping  me to conquer this fear for myself.  I have killed THREE spiders this week!  I think that puts me up to a grand total of four spiders killed in my lifetime.  I am pretty proud of myself.  Granted, they were all pretty small and didn’t look like this, but still…



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