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scott free

Today my day started with this (perfect, although DD mistook my “pumpkin spice coffee” for “pumpkin iced coffee”):

And ended with this (more Love my Goat):

The two best beverages of all time.  I think every day should start and end this way.

I had my court date in the morning for my speeding ticket.  I was nervous driving there since this was my first ticket and I had no idea what to expect.  I was picturing a traditional court room where I would have to get sworn in and everything.  Not even close… The police officer was very nice and spoke with me beforehand.  I basically had to answer yes twice and was able to get rid of the points on my license and part of the fine.  Score! (Side note- check out my HUGE thumb!)

It was Blake’s first morning home alone with the girls (I considered this a trial run for Thursday night).  When I returned home, the living room looked like this

and both girls were still in their pajamas even though it was almost time for lunch.

Oh well, at least everyone was fed and happy.  Plus he gets bonus points for putting a hat on Avery.  The chilly fall mornings have started!


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