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Today I went to The Crossings to buy a few new things for Avery (because she is growing like crazy!) and to find an outfit for me to wear for her christening next weekend.  Here are the options.  Cast your vote in the comment section using the letters 🙂

A- J. Crew cream colored top, Gap floral print skirt, BCBG cream colored peep-toe shoes

B– J. Crew cream colored top, J.Crew pink blush corduroy skirt, BCBG cream colored peep-toe shoes

CGap black and teal floral dress, black Nine West peep toe shoes (If I wore this, I may wear a belted black cardigan over the top- depending on weather)

D– Gap navy printed dress, BCBG cream colored peep-toe shoes

I didn’t have time to add accessories, so those will have to wait until the big day!  Keep in mind that I feel any of these would be appropriate for the christening based on how people dress at our church, so don’t discount one because you don’t think the look is right for the occasion.  Thanks for your opinions!


Comments on: "cast your vote- christening outfit" (13)

  1. you look great in all of them but my favorite is B!

  2. I like D best, but C is nice as well!

  3. Teresa Myers said:

    First, you look FANTASTIC!! I love D. Also, I missed lots of your blogs but did just read from the footprint butterfly pictures..they are adorable!! One of my favorite things~luckily I was a crazy Mom that kept lots of Zach’s artwork….he made a reindeer out of his foot print and the antlers out of his hands at like 4 years old it is precious…I pull it out every Christmas season and hang it up:)

  4. I like D!! But all the outfits are very nice.

  5. A! Love those shoes!

  6. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    I’m going with A or B….you’re too young for D!!

  7. I choose D – most appropriate for the occasion.

  8. A! It’s hip, yet appropriate and you will stand out!

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