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birth week

I usually request a week-long celebration for my birthday.  Blake was a little more modest, and requested a mere two-day celebration, which I was happy to honor.  So, on Sunday night, we grilled up some filets, opened a bottle of wine, and let the celebration begin!

I made a garlic cream sauce for the steaks that is delicious!  I highly recommend it.  This sauce is even better than A1 (if that’s possible!  I love me some A1)!

Garlic Cream Sauce (for steaks)

  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • 5 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 3 tbsp. chopped green onions
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 1 cup heavy cream
Saute garlic and onions in butter.  Add white wine and cook over medium heat until thickened.  Stir in heavy cream and heat thoroughly.
Happy (early) birthday Blakeman!

A fan of meat recently- Miss Macy Reese!  She has been eating so well lately and I swear I can see her gaining weight.  Maybe she will be having a growth spurt soon 🙂


oh happy day

Today, my friend Allison and her husband Bill welcomed a healthy daughter, Piper Violet, into the world.  I am so thrilled for this awesome couple, because a little over a year ago they suffered a devastating loss- the death of their first child.  Violet was born a perfectly healthy little girl, but was diagnosed was SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) at around six months of age and passed away soon after.  Allison was obviously crushed by this loss, as were many of her friends and family.  It was hard to believe that Violet was really gone and that we weren’t going to watch her grow up.  I remember feeling so sad for them and yet so grateful for what I had at the same time.  Violet’s passing still serves as a reminder to me- a reminder to hug my girls extra tight, a reminder to keep my patience, a reminder to just be thankful every day for my two little blessings.

So, welcome Piper!  I know you will bring so much joy to your wonderful parents!  And, congratulations to Allison and Bill!  I wish only good things and happiness for your family from this day forward.

To follow Allison’s blog about conceiving “cricket”, aka Piper, click here, to learn more about Violet’s story, click here, and to make a donation in Violet’s memory to SMA research, click here.


Blake and I got all snazzed up last night to go out and celebrate his birthday.  During the day, we hit up the Crossings to spend a few gift cards and birthday money that Blake got.  He got this awesome tweed blazer at Ralph Lauren Polo.

Blake’s mom was nice enough to take Macy for the day, and it felt like a vacation to just have one child for the day.  Plus, Avery is still so portable and easy going, that we really had a nice day.

Dress: J. Crew

Gold belt: J. Crew

Shoes: Anne Klein

Watch: Michael Kors (it’s hard to see, but I love this watch!)

Bad eye make-up: compliments of me.  It was my first time trying liquid eyeliner and I had NO clue what I was doing.  Any tips?


On the way to dinner, we stopped to pick up a little HUGE gift for me- a new car!

We have been looking for awhile and yesterday we decided to make this big purchase.  I am so excited!   This is the nicest car I’ve ever had and it had a whopping 7 miles on it when we drove it off the lot!  🙂 My favorite part is the third row seating; it’s set up like a mini van.  Now we can have five kids fit more than just two carseats in the back.  Wait- who’s birthday was it?!?

After we left the dealership, we headed out for dinner.  Our options were limited since it was a Monday, so we went to Sycamore Grille.  We had a nice dinner, including a delicious sweet sycamore salad (spinach, cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, pecans, and sliced pears, with a maple poppyseed dressing), crusty bread, and chicken and broccoli sachitini (sauteed chicken, broccoli, roasted peppers, served with cheese filled pasta bundles, finished with a roasted garlic cream sauce).  And, of course, a glass of Pinot.

It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful man.


happy birthday blake

Today my old man hubby turns 31!   This guy makes me laugh all day long, gave me two precious children, treats me like gold, and is my best friend.  I couldn’t ask for a better husband and I feel so lucky to call him mine.


Happy birthday honey!


I may be biased, but these

are the

cutest girls


look familiar?

It’s crazy how much Macy (left) and Avery (right) look alike.  I always thought that my kids would look different, but these two look so much alike.  They have their differences too, but I think I better keep dates with the pictures so that I can tell who’s who when they’re older.  At least Macy is a cutie, so looking like her is definitely a good thing.  Now we have two cuties to look at every day 🙂

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

The stockings are hung with care,the christmas trees are shimmering,
and the wreaths are lit for all to see.

We just need to go get our Christmas tree, and we will be ready for Santa!  Much peace, love, and joy to your family this holiday season.