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oops, i did it again!

Remember when I promised to do better as a blogger and not go so long in between posts?  Well, it looks like I broke that promise.  I didn’t think anyone would miss the blog, but I have had a few requests for more posts, so here they are!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Blake’s parents house yesterday, including his sister, our brother-in-law and their cute baby Lyla 🙂

I filled my plates with lots of yummys.  I even went back for seconds.  I earned a big plate of food during my morning “turkey trot” with Gaylemarie and Macy  🙂  Notice how I keep everything precisely separated?  I’m weird like that.  I don’t want my food mixing until it gets in my belly!

I made a pumpkin roll and Bethusda made a delicious cherry pie.

After all that sugar, Macy was inspired to ride Murphy.  I tried to give Meredith enough wine to do the same, but unfortunately, she didn’t give in.

It was a wonderful day with many things to be thankful for.  Especially these two perfect girls ❤



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  1. Very funny Rita…

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