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shop til you drop

I ventured out to the Black Friday sales today.  My plan was to leave when Avery woke up for a feeding, so I was outta here just before 6 AM.  I only shopped for a little over an hour, but I was able to score some pretty good deals at J.Crew, Cole Haan, Gymboree, and Coach.

At J. Crew, I got 3 sweaters, a dress that I plan to wear out for my hubby’s birthday celebration, 2 pairs of much needed socks, a necklace, and a pair of tights for around $150.  I think  this is a pretty good deal since just the dress alone retailed at (a ridiculous price of ) $168.

Every day I ask Macy what she wants to wear, and every day she responds with “blue doggie shirt.”  She had no blue doggie shirts in her collection, until  now!  I think I am going to save it for Christmas and I hope she’s very pleased with this super cute sweater (from Gymboree for $10).

I was also needing a new wallet to match my new bag, but I hadn’t been able to find one that matched.  Today I picked up this one at Coach and it matches pretty good.  It’s definitely better than the bright yellow one I’ve been carrying around for the past few months!

A little shopping trip was a fun way to start my morning and I think that an hour was the perfect amount of time to spend on shopping today.  I’m not one to wait in line for hours or elbow my way through a crowd, so choosing an early morning at The Crossings was perfect.  The rest of the day was spent with my family decorating for Christmas.  More to come on that soon!


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