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On Saturday, we piled half of the neighborhood (Brad, Mercedes, Justin, Gaylemarie, Blake, and me) into my car and headed off to the big city!  The mild weather and good company made for a lovely day 🙂

We went to see the tree, of which I took a grand total of zero pictures!  It was so crowded, that we opted for beers at Stout instead.

I got buttermilk chicken fingers with avacado ranch and chipotle honey mustard dressing for dipping. 

With a side of delicious sweet potato fries.  Plus a few seasonal  beers.  YUM!

After some shopping at the Gap, we joined the boys for another drink at the Heartland Brewery, where I enjoyed a sampling of the beers on tap (with some help from Justin and my hubby).

I also had to take advantage of the street carts to enjoy a soft pretzel and buy a few cashmere scarves.

On the way out, we hit up Crumbs bakery for some cupcakes.  I gave one to my mom as a thank you to her for watching the girls all day (she did an awesome job and Avery had her best night’s sleep ever- 11 hours!) and one to Macy for being a good girl for grandma.  I consumed the other 700 calories myself…

Good-bye for now New York.  Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. Awww, fun! Wish we could have gone too 🙂

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