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never again

Yesterday was one of those days where I said “I’m never drinking again.”  That’s right- I drank too much at Blake’s networking group’s holiday party 😦  I think it was actually a combination of not eating enough for dinner and other people buying me too many drinks.  It wasn’t my fault at all…

As I was throwing up in the morning, Macy was watching over me, rubbing my back, and saying “Mommy’s belly sick.”  Definitely not my finest moment.  I was feeling awful and Blake was gone at meetings for the whole day.  I sucked it up (as much as possible) and tried to stick to our normal routine.  It was pretty much a normal day- except for when I dry heaved changing Avery’s diaper and skipped lunch.  Macy could not understand why I didn’t want to share her turkey sandwich.

All day I looked forward to naptime.  It was like the light at the end of the tunnel.  I thought that if I could at least sleep for an hour I would feel so much better.  I can always count on Macy sleeping for a solid hour and half, sometimes even two hours.  Of course, on this glorious day, she slept for 45 minutes.  And Avery was awake for the first 20.  That left me with only 25 measly minutes of sleep.  However, I dreamt of a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup during my short nap.  I took this as a sign and made myself the first meal of the day- at 2:30 PM.

This late lunch was the key to my recovery.  It tasted great and I was able to keep it down.  I was only left with a headache and feeling pretty damn good, considering the circumstances!

As a result of this immature behavior hangover, I will have a strict two drink policy in effect for myself during the rest of the holiday season.  I think I have much more important things to worry about than getting my booze on!


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