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oh, it is love

Macy wasn’t Avery’s biggest fan when we first brought her home from the hospital and that was hard for me to deal with. I expected her to be the perfect big sister since she loved babies so much and seemed excited to be getting a new family member.

Of course having a second baby was a big adjustment for everyone in our family, so I should have expected some mixed feelings from Macy. I was glad that other moms shared this issue and reassured me that this stage would pass. And it did. Now Macy loves her little sister more than anything and our biggest concern is that she will hug Avery too tight, not that she will be scratching or hitting her.20111218-183721.jpg

I really look forward to watching their relationship grow and I hope that they will form a lifelong friendship. I am fortunate enough to have two sisters, and we only grow closer as we get older. I wish the same for my girls.



Comments on: "oh, it is love" (2)

  1. So cute! Macy looks like such a loving sister. I can’t wait to see Paige with her little sister. They will be the best of friends like yours (and how we were with our sisters…. You’re right, the friendship grows closer as we get older).
    Enjoy your girls! 🙂

  2. I love the second photo!

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