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only the best

I scored some bargain toilet paper on sale, with a coupon.  This bargain t.p. (Scott brand) is definitely cheap though!  You have to use so much more to get the job done, so in the end, it is really worth it??

I was trying to suck it up and use the bargain brand.  However, Blake immediately complained about this “sandpaper”.  He said that when he goes to other people’s houses and they have cheap toilet paper, it means that the people are cheap! (Note to readers- put out the good stuff next time Blake comes over.  Or, better yet, tell him to poop at his own house! :))

I’ll pay more for the good stuff next time!  Extra soft, with ripples please.  What kind do you prefer?


Comments on: "only the best" (2)

  1. HAHAHA! We use Scott. Blake would not be our friend! There are some things we do buy name brand, but to us, Scott IS the name brand! I actually don’t like super soft TP, it makes me feel linty…..

  2. Haha! Julius is a Scott fan! (Original Scott only, not soft or Scott Naturals) I get in trouble if I get anything else, especially anything soft!

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