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happy leap day!

An extra day to spend with my lovies

and finally some snow to enjoy!

I’ll take it!  Happy Leap Day!


ready to run

After a few days off, I was ready to get back into a workout routine.  Yesterday I ran what was supposed to be a slow 5 miles, but it ended up being my fastest long run yet.  I guess those few days off did me some good!

The weather wasn’t too shabby either.  (Not sure what that thing projecting from my right hip is… apparently i wear a fanny pack when I run?!)

Yesterday was altogether a very productive day!  In the morning, Macy and I went shopping with my MIL at The Crossings for some new spring clothes for her and some bigger clothes for our growing little Kiwi.

Macy impressed me with her impeccable taste by picking out these two adorable things.  It was so cute- she would pick something up and say “This cute Mommy.  Me buy this.”  My little shopper made me proud 🙂

We finished off the day with a delicious, savory dinner: pork and sauerkraut that simmered in the crockpot while we shopped, homemade mashed potatoes, and carrots.  YUM!

happy half birthday

Yesterday was Avery’s half birthday and we had to have a big celebration since that’s what we did for Macy and I don’t want Avery to feel slighted when we look back at pictures.

Wasn’t Macy’s half cake so cute?  I wanted to do the same for Avery, but I was in a rush and decided to ice the cake when it was sill warm.  BIG mistake!  This ended up being the worst looking cake that I have ever made.  Ever!

Maybe we’ll just throw some extra sprinkles on and nobody will notice?  That might be a good idea if a big chunk of the cake hadn’t ended up on the countertop.

Luckily, we had the other half of the cake in the form of delicious cupcakes.

And some cute pictures to remember this day forever!  Happy half birthday Kiwi ❤

the big 5-0

On Saturday, we headed up to Montrose to celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday.  It was nice to see everyone (although we were missing Dana while she is studying abroad in Italy) and to spend this special day with my Daddy-o!  Avery really warmed up to my Dad and let him hold her for a long time- probably a whopping 20 minutes!  She has had some real “stranger danger” lately, so it’s nice when she will actually sit with other people sometimes.We enjoyed some yummy carrot cake,

and had some fun with the cousins- only 1 out of 6 crying for this picture isn’t too shabby 🙂

Today is my Dad’s real birthday and I would like to wish him the happiest of days!  He has done so much for our family in his first  50 years and I know that he will only continue to be a loving and giving husband, father, and grandfather in his next 50 years.  Dad, may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows!  Happy 50th birthday!


What do you think I’m doing in this picture?


Admiring my curls that I styled using a straightener (that’s right. Watch a how-to video on youtube and try it for yourself.)?

Loving my infinity scarf from the Gap?

Pumping breastmilk and driving using a specially designed hands free bra?
Yes!  Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

baby, just say yes

Last Saturday, B-man and I were talking and I said “i wish we could go on a date tonight.”  Next thing I know, we’re on our way out the door while my MIL babysits.  Good deal!

I feel guilty sometimes leaving the kids at home, but I try to remember that part of being a good parent is teaching to love and setting an example of a solid, loving, and happy relationship.  Maintaining that relationship while you have young kids can be difficult, but it’s important to go out when you have the opportunity.  If someone offers to baby-sit, try not to worry that your baby won’t drink the bottle from anyone but you, that your toddler has a very specific bedtime routine, or that they both may cry when you walk out the door, and just say YES!


Order a martini


or two


And simply enjoy each other’s company 🙂