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i’m the mommy

Macy has two babies, little girls of course, that she has been taking excellent care of.  She dresses them each day, changes diapers (a little too often for my liking since this involves my help), feeds them bottles and they also just started solid food (as did Avery :)), washes their clothes and stuffed animals in her washing machine, and takes them for strolls around the house.  When they’re sleeping, we all have to whisper so that we don’t wake them up. She also makes us baby-sit them while she goes to the “grocery store for toothpaste.”   She says “I’m the mommy” all day long.  I have to say that her mothering skills are superb and it is so much fun watching her take care of her babies.

Introducing- Sally and JoJo.



Comments on: "i’m the mommy" (3)

  1. I like that she is always running out of toothpaste. She’s the best!

  2. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Nice job. Macy! Did you know that Grandma had a baby named Sally when she was a little girl, too? That was my first choice for a name, the second being Chrissy.

  3. So cute! Does she ever try to NURSE her babies? Brayden always wants to nurse his baby…which is extra funny to me because he is a boy!

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