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happy half birthday

Yesterday was Avery’s half birthday and we had to have a big celebration since that’s what we did for Macy and I don’t want Avery to feel slighted when we look back at pictures.

Wasn’t Macy’s half cake so cute?  I wanted to do the same for Avery, but I was in a rush and decided to ice the cake when it was sill warm.  BIG mistake!  This ended up being the worst looking cake that I have ever made.  Ever!

Maybe we’ll just throw some extra sprinkles on and nobody will notice?  That might be a good idea if a big chunk of the cake hadn’t ended up on the countertop.

Luckily, we had the other half of the cake in the form of delicious cupcakes.

And some cute pictures to remember this day forever!  Happy half birthday Kiwi ❤


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  1. […] Yesterday was altogether a very productive day!  In the morning, Macy and I went shopping with my MIL at The Crossings for some new spring clothes for her and some bigger clothes for our growing little Kiwi. […]

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