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the big 5-0

On Saturday, we headed up to Montrose to celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday.  It was nice to see everyone (although we were missing Dana while she is studying abroad in Italy) and to spend this special day with my Daddy-o!  Avery really warmed up to my Dad and let him hold her for a long time- probably a whopping 20 minutes!  She has had some real “stranger danger” lately, so it’s nice when she will actually sit with other people sometimes.We enjoyed some yummy carrot cake,

and had some fun with the cousins- only 1 out of 6 crying for this picture isn’t too shabby 🙂

Today is my Dad’s real birthday and I would like to wish him the happiest of days!  He has done so much for our family in his first  50 years and I know that he will only continue to be a loving and giving husband, father, and grandfather in his next 50 years.  Dad, may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows!  Happy 50th birthday!


Comments on: "the big 5-0" (1)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Love the story! Looks like Avery is ready to burst out crying, too……Love the picture!

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