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as if

As if I don’t spend enough of my day cleaning up poop, today I also cleaned up about 30 “land mines” from the yard.  As spring begins, the snow melts and green grass piles of dog poop are revealed.

This day was pretty shitty all around.  I think Avery is teething and Macy is definitely pushing the limits.  But looking at these pictures, you’d think it was a good day.  I guess it was.  A good day with a few bad moments mixed in.  I’ll try to remember only the good ones.  I think my glass of wine should help with that 😉



Comments on: "as if" (2)

  1. Isabel is definitely starting to push the limits as well! She was so easy until very recently! Today was a hard day for me too…but like you said, when we se their little faces and put it all in perspective, I guess it really was a good day.

  2. I know you had a bad day but I had to laugh at this post…..dog poop! I feel the same way. We clean poop all day and then we even have to do it outside too. I dislike that job! Hope your glass of wine helped.

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