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loving the leopard

Today we had a very fun playdate with my friend Daniela and her cutie almost 3-year old Violet.  What did the girls wear for our leopard print loving friend?  Their animal prints of course! 🙂

The big girls had a blast painting pictures (and a few other things) and playing outside in the sunshine.  It was such a good time!

Daniela was even nice enough to bring lunch for us.  Let’s hope we have many more playdates with these lovely ladies in the future.

This was our second playdate of the week (our first was yesterday with Kelly and J.R.) and I have to say that I really like having these fun get togethers on our calendar.

Reasons to have playdates:

  1. They are fun for the kids.
  2. They are fun for the moms.
  3. It gives you a reason to clean your house.
  4. You get to put on make-up lipgloss.
  5. You may even change out of your sweatpants.
  6. You can tell your toddler all morning long that if she doesn’t behave her friends won’t be coming over.

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