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“boston” recap

Over the weekend, we went to visit our good friends in Waltham Medway, near Boston.  We had a blast with them.  Besides the girls not sleeping well, it was a wonderful weekend!

We went to Playtown Express, an indoor playground.  Macy was obsessed with the inflatable slide.  Every time she went down it, she let out a squeal of delight.

Avery had a good time rolling around too.

It was such a cool place to play.  I wish we had something like this in our area.

The next day, we went to the New England Aquarium, on Macy’s very first train ride!  It was about a 40 minute trip into the city, but it went by fairly quickly.

It was crowded, but there was still lots to see with sting rays, a shark,jellyfish,  turtles, and lots of fish.  Can you find Nemo?

Our last morning there (Sunday), we all got adjusted to the time change- although Macy didn’t seem to notice at all- she was up at the crack of dawn every day! and Mike made us his famous weekend pancakes with cranberries and walnuts.  They were delicious!

The girls really had such a nice time together and the adults did too!  It was a perfect weekend.  My only wish is that we could do it more often.  I ❤ the LeClair family!  Thanks for having us guys!


Comments on: "“boston” recap" (4)

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! They have a Jumping Jungle up here. Might be a good adventure with you and your sister’s kids.

  2. We loved spending time with you 🙂 I wish it was last Thursday so you’d be here now.

  3. […] of my favorite things about our trip to Boston, was that I noticed that Filipa puts her silverware into categories too!  I was so happy to see […]

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