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Last night, I had my first Thursday night off in awhile and took full advantage of my freedom.  It’s so nice to slip out of mom mode for a few hours and focus on myself.


I did some spring shopping at The Crossings and used a gift card that I received for Christmas at J.Crew.  I got colored denim, a necklace, 2 shirts, and a belt.  Success!
Next, I hit up one of my fav places- Target! Can you believe that I haven’t been there in weeks!?!  That’s very unusual for me.  I got a coffee and just browsed around, which was awesome.  I love me some Target!


Finally, I went to get my hair colored and cut.  The color was in need of some refreshing and I went lighter again.  I guess this warm weather is really affecting me!  Macy just told me that my hair looks pretty, which totally made my day!

This afternoon I decided to tackle my long run to get it out of the way.  Tomorrow will be pretty busy with swim class, a visit to the Easter bunny, and a bridal shower for me to attend.  I got done with my 7 miles and now I’m refeuling on the couch with chocolate milk and animal crackers.  Macy is enjoying the same thing for an afternoon snack 😉


Maybe later I’ll refeul again with a glass of wine! What are your weekend plans? Happy Friday!


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