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afternoon delight

We are having a super fun afternoon so far!  After our morning walk, we headed out to gymnastics.  Macy loves running around there with the other kids.  It is so much fun for them (and she always sleeps great afterwards!).  We grabbed a bite to eat with Daniela and her little beauty, Violet afterwards.  Macy actually broke a tradition and requested a bagel with cream cheese instead of her usual macaroni and cheese.  I was upset, because I wanted to eat the mac & cheese shocked, but she did eat it really well. I guess a girl knows what she wants!  Daniela even treated the girls to cookies after they ate their meals!

As soon as I got in the car, my all time favorite song was playing- acoustic version.  Love it!  I put the windows down and cranked up the volume (just loud enough for me to jam out, but not too loud to disturb Avery’s afternoon snooze).  It reminded me of college when Lynn and I would drive around aimlessly just to enjoy the spring sunshine.  Those were the days…

Now I am going to make the most of naptime before we head out to dinner with Brad and Mercedes tonight.  Happy Friday!


Comments on: "afternoon delight" (2)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Life is good!!

  2. I have to say….I was a bit nervous about this post at first. I was afraid you were giving out a bit too much info (haha)! Glad your afternoon was a nice one though.

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