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happy mom’s day

I started off my mother’s day with a lovely 8 mile run.  It’s my last long run before the big race next weekend, and I felt pretty good.  I think I’m ready for the half marathon!  I just don’t want to disappoint my partner, speedy gonzalez!

After burning all those calories, I consumed twice as many while at brunch with Blake, the girls, my MIL, and Jerry.  We went to brunch at Skytop Lodge, which is a resort that’s close to our house and absolutely beautiful.DSC_0033

Macy loved the buffet!  She ate three chocolate muffins, cheese, lots of fruit, prime rib (dipped in ketchup), a piece of ham, two pieces of french toast, and a bagel with cream cheese.  I was impressed to say the least!


Avery ate a ton of food too, but then again, she usually does Winking smile


It was such a lovely day!  I am so honored to be a mommy to these two gorgeous girls and I am even more blessed that I have an awesome mom of my own.  Happy Mother’s Day Kitty and thanks for teaching me what it means to be a great mom!



Comments on: "happy mom’s day" (3)

  1. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Rita! You and your family look fabulous.

  2. Valerie said:

    So glad you had such a blessed Mother’s Day, Rita. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous, and so are YOU!!!

  3. Rita, I LOVE that pic of the 4 of you!

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