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over the river and through the woods

On Wednesday, the girls and I went to my friend Daniela’s house for a super fun playdate! Even though her house was a mere 15 miles away, the route there was so desolate that I kept swearing I was going the wrong way. Luckily, we made it there in one piece.


Daniela also invited her friend Jess and her girls over for the afternoon. She really was the “hostess with the mostest”, serving up mac & cheese for the girls, and homemade salads topped with chicken for the mommies! She also had a bounce house set up for the girls! Dare I say that it was the most fun playdate ever!

I’m too lazy to upload all the pictures, so if you’d like to see more, head over to Daniela’s blog for a full recap!





Our little kiwi turned ten months young yesterday!  Her first year is just flying by!

I feel a little sad that her baby days are numbered, but I’ll get past it.  Avery isn’t taking it as well!  I  guess she’s not ready to grow up 😉

pretty please

A few weeks ago, we had new pictures taken of Macy and Avery.  A girl that I went to high school with, Lindsey, features limited edition shoots with the cutest decor and props.  I love that the pictures are taken outside in a field too.  I think the pictures came out great!

If you’d check them out and leave a comment on Lindsey’s photography blog, we would REALLY appreciate it!  If we get 15 comments, we will get a credit towards our print order! Will everyone do us a BIG favor, and go here to leave a comment about our gorgeous girls??  Thank you!

strawberry picking


One of the fun things that the girls and I (and my mom) did while I was on a blogging hiatus was strawberry picking at Gould’s Farm.  The girls had lots of fun riding on a wagon pulled by a big tractor, picking, and eating strawberries!




We took Macy strawberry picking when she was a baby too and it is a memory that will not be soon forgotten.  While these girls definitely have their own looks, and their own personalities, you can definitely tell that they are sisters!  I hope to make berry picking an annual occasion with these girls Smile


brusha brusha

Avery (finally!) got her very first tooth on June 5!  Since that pearly white popped through, we have been working on keeping it nice and clean.  She absolutely loves chewing on her new toothbrush and so do the dogs.  I think she’s working on a few more teeth because she has been a little fussy and following me around like a lost puppy (even more so than normal!).  We’ll keep you updated with any future tooth sightings Open-mouthed smile


run with the rotary 5K

On Saturday, Blake’s rotary club sponsored a 5K race at Skytop Lodge.  With views like this, it was a beautiful race!


I was happy with my final time of 23:08, average pace 7:25 min/mile.  Shout out to my brother-in-law, Aaron, who completed his very first 5k!  I hope there will be more races in his future!

photo (6)

I also finished second overall for the women!  This goes to show you how fast I am few people were in the race Winking smile  I got beat by a high school cross country runner though, so I was more than okay with it. 

photo (7)

I wonder, if I didn’t have this head cold and didn’t indulge in a few too many adult beverages the night before, how I  could have performed!  Maybe I will have to sign up for another 5k just to find out!


Last night we had a little BBQ with our friends.  When I told Macy that we were going to see Olivia, she thought that I meant Olivia the cartoon pig!  She said Olivia has two baby brothers, a dog, a kitty cat, and a blue car Smile  She is just too funny sometimes!


But, the Olivia we were going to see actually has an adorable baby sister named Gabriella.  She is just a few months younger than our Kiwi.  All of the girls got a long great, so we are hoping to make these get-togethers a monthly thing.

photo (3)

Our friends made BBQ’d chicken, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, and corn on the cob for dinner.  Everything was delicious!  We topped off the evening with this peanut butter and chocolate dessert that I made.


Sugar highs soon followed and the girls had a blast rocking out to some good tunes!

photo (4)

photo (5)

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