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kiwi crate

A few months ago, I discovered Kiwi Crate, a box filled with arts and crafts supplies for kids that arrives on your doorstep once a month.  Kiwi Crate is designed for kids ages 3-7 and when you sign up, you enter the child’s age and gender so that each box is tailored to their interests and abilities.  How cool is that?!

We gave Kiwi Crate as a gift to our good friend Violet, daughter of Daniela, and she has absolutely loved it.  I saw the crate and crafts in person when we were visiting them and it was so adorable.  And, what kid doesn’t love getting mail?  It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you can gift it as a monthly subscription (when we gifted it to her, we chose the three month option).

I truly do feel that Kiwi Crate would make a great gift for any kid, especially one that enjoys arts and crafts, like mine does!  I hope some of you decide to try it out for your kids or give it as a gift at the next birthday party you attend!

Kiwi Crate has agreed to give readers 25% off through Thursday, August 2!  Just use promo code BLB25 at checkout!



I was a little nervous to buy anything off of Craigslist, because we all know there are a lot of weirdos out that and you’ve heard of the Craigslist killer, right? Anyway, my sister-in-law had been able to find some reasonably priced kids toys on this website, so I decided to give it a try. Wow, was it worth it! I scored a Fisher Price Learning Home (sells for $80) and a Water Wheel Activity Play Table (sells for $39), from two separate sellers, for $15 each! Both items have already paid for themselves because the girls have had so much fun with them!

Next on my list is a cozy coupe car. We have one, but the girls have been fighting over it, so I do believe we’ll need another (if the price is right!).






It amazes me that this little person will be one year old in another month!  It also amazes me how much I love her after just eleven short months of knowing her!

the perfect summer day

Yesterday really was perfection.  The sun was shining, the kids were smiling, and I was feeling so lucky to be there to witness it all.

We started the morning off with a trip to Camelbeach, our local water park.  Since Avery decided to forgo her morning nap, I wasn’t sure how the trip would go, but she was pleasant, as always, and we had a great time. splashing and playing in the water!  We did have to make an early departure, but it worked out fine.  Macy was feeling extra brave and repeatedly jumped off the wall into the pool by herself.  She even dipped her face, voluntarily, into the water once!  For a kid that hates getting her hair washed, that was a big step!

After a quick lunch, it was nap time!  While the girls snoozed, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and catch some rays.  I love laying in the sun, even though I know it’s not very good for my skin, soaking in the sun’s rays is one of my favorite feelings.  I read a bit of my new book, listened to music on Pandora, and just relaxed.  Since I usually spend my “free” time in the afternoon working out, cleaning, and doing laundry, relaxing in the sun was a welcomed break.

Once the girls woke up, we played outside for awhile.  Macy’s new favorite thing to do is push Avery around in the Cozy Coupe car.  I am beyond delighted that she enjoys doing so, because it saves me the effort and backache of doing it!  Remember when I posted this about reasons to have a sibling for your child, here’s another reason to add to the list 🙂

By later in the day, I remembered that I had to pick up a prescription at CVS and I still wanted to squeeze in a run before dinner.  My husband was no where in sight, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and run to CVS and back, just over two miles.  It was a hot run, but one that left me feeling accomplished and sweaty.

The girls and I enjoyed a simple dinner and then… more playtime!

I think what made this day so great is the little things.  The weather was perfect.. warm, but not too hot, with a nice breeze.  The girls were both in good moods… smiling, laughing, and no temper tantrums from the stubborn toddler (which are becoming more frequent it seems).  I was left feeling incredibly blessed.  When I dreamed of becoming a stay at home mom, these are the types of days that I pictured having.  The reality is that a day like this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I think “wow, how lucky am I?”.

baby steps

Avery has started walking! She actually took her first steps while we were on vacation, then took off for several in a row when we returned home. It’s funny because some days she wants to walk so bad and others she is content to crawl the whole day.

The other night, homegirl was ready to walk and made it up to 10 steps! She even bent down to pick toys up without toppling over and walked while carrying stuff! All of this walking and being brave also resulted in her first walking related injury 😦

I guess injuries are to be expected… Let’s hope she keeps practicing to get more steady on her feet do we can avoid future bumps and bruises!


it’s a tradition

As you may recall from last year, we have a tradition of getting our picture taken in the same spot each year.  This year, it was a little more tricky with two kids, but regardless, I love this concept and love watching our family grow.  I hope we can continue this tradition every year!My friend, James, took the pictures for us once again.  He is the best and is always willing to drop everything to take pictures for me and my family!  Check out these other shots that he got.


ice cream run

Last night, the whole family went for a literal ice cream run. After two weeks of indulging in good eats and tasty drinks, I decided that this week would be a “detox” week, which obviously does not include ice cream of any kind. However, the hot temps made me crave a cold treat. When I suggested ice cream to Blake, he came up with the brilliant idea of running to the ice cream stand, and then walking home (while enjoying our treats, of course).



So, run we did. We were a hot and sweaty mess by the time we ran just over a mile there, but the effort was well worth it. And, the best part was that I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt over this indulgence!