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baby steps

Avery has started walking! She actually took her first steps while we were on vacation, then took off for several in a row when we returned home. It’s funny because some days she wants to walk so bad and others she is content to crawl the whole day.

The other night, homegirl was ready to walk and made it up to 10 steps! She even bent down to pick toys up without toppling over and walked while carrying stuff! All of this walking and being brave also resulted in her first walking related injury 😦

I guess injuries are to be expected… Let’s hope she keeps practicing to get more steady on her feet do we can avoid future bumps and bruises!



Comments on: "baby steps" (2)

  1. Valerie said:

    Ouch! Poor Avery! Looks so sore!!!
    Nice job on the walking, though…Emma will be 16 months next week and is JUST starting to walk more than she crawls. haha! (I’m thinking her late blooming in this area had to do with her ear/sinus issues, but dang, the girl is heavy to haul around!)

  2. Kitty DeRiancho said:

    Poor Avery! It looks soooo sore, little girl….be careful!

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