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new and improved coconut water

I previously posted about trying coconut water and not really loving it, but I have been trying out a few different kinds since, and found a winner!IMG_1365

Pineappple juice blended with coconut water tastes like a vacation!  I loved it and would definitely buy it again.  Another kind I have tried and like is Sobe coconut water, but those only contain a small percentage of coconut water, so I think I will probably stick to the Vita Coco brand.


Do you like coconut water?


work it, girl

Last night I modeled in the Rotary Fashion Show at Skytop!  I was a little nervous going into it,  but ended up having a ton of fun!  The clothes I modeled were all from The Apple Tree, a cute clothing boutique on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

Here’s a look at my three outfits:

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (1)photo 4

















I liked the purple dress best (I also wore a great purple necklace with it that is hard to see in the picture), but the first outfit with the orange pants and FUR vest got rave reviews from everyone else!

It was definitely a great experience and something that I hope to be asked to do again soon.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to go shopping at The Apple Tree and model my clothes for the girls at home 🙂

Question- Which outfit do you think looks best??

you’re my best friend

Yesterday, Blake and I celebrated four years of marriage! 

My mom sent us this cute little card in the mail.  I really liked what it said on the inside.

photo 1 (2)

I know it’s cliche and a little bit cheesy to say, but my husband really is my best friend.  I feel blessed that I married such a great guy and I am happier now than the day we got married. 

Here’s to many, many more years of wedded bliss!

we have a climber

Not only does she walk everywhere now, Avery has now figured out how to pull herself up to the couch!  Most of her motivation came from going after the dogs and following me around constantly.  But now, I can’t hide from her anymore!  Girl has some serious attachment issues with her mama, which is good some of the time, but not good when I am busy or just want a break.


Looks like I’ll have to find a new hiding spot Winking smile


Luckily, she also safely maneuvers OFF of the couch, going down backwards.  Such a smart (and safe conscious) little cookie!


it’s the pits

I love cherries, but I don’t love cutting around the pits for the kids, and I don’t think I look my best when spitting out a pit after enjoying a delicious cherry.


Well, there’s a solution!  I present to you- a cherry pitter!


Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know that this tool existed, but it does, and it is wonderful! It’s easy to use, removes the pit almost every single time with ease, and makes easy cherries that much more enjoyable.


May I suggest that you purchase one today while cherries are still in season.  I promise you will not be disappointed in this kitchen gadget!


This afternoon, my good friend from high school and her husband came to visit us. It’s actually their one year wedding anniversary, so they are staying at a local bed and breakfast celebrating. Coming to see us was just an added perk 🙂

We had planned on a BBQ at the house, but a late night out (more on that later) and the rain put a damper on those plans. Instead, we decided to hit up Desaki for hibatchi and sushi. We have talked about taking Macy there, but never did, so we thought at the very least the girls would be entertained during dinner. It worked out perfectly! The girls had a blast playing with their chopsticks, admiring the “show” put on by our chef, and eating the food. I also have to say that this was probably the best hibatchi that I’ve had. We haven’t been to this restaurant in awhile and it was always hit or miss in my opinion, but this evening, it was spot on! I had the chicken and shrimp, while Macy ordered the strip steak with a side of ketchup 🙂 Kiwi ate a full meal of her own, and then some of everyone else’s!

A good meal, spent with dear friends, and a couple of well behaved kids all adds up to a pretty great Sunday night!





must love dogs

Kiwi has been really interested in our dogs these days. She loves to chase after them (showing off her new skill of walking) and torment them while they lay on the couch. I would scold her for pulling their hair and ears, but she gives the cutest giggle when they growl at her that I almost don’t want her to stop (even though our dogs growl to let her know they don’t like what she’s doing, they would NEVER bite her, thank god)! I complain about my dogs a lot sometimes, but they really are part of our family and bring so much joy to us and he kids. Here’s to you Bella Boo Boo and Baxter Bobby!