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rainy autumn night

All of this rain today and the leaves starting to fall reminded me of a similar evening nine (whoa!) years ago.  It was raining like crazy and this boy asked me to go with him while he raked leaves at his family’s trout hatchery. 

[Side note- lots of rain makes leaves fall and clogs the “racks’” at the hatchery, restricting the water flow to the ponds of fish.  The leaves need to be removed so the water will flow better and the fish will continue to flourish.]

So, we grabbed two six packs and off we went.  I mostly sat in the pick-up truck and drank beer twiddled my thumbs, but somehow it still ended up being a really fun night.  I figured that if a cold and rainy night could be enjoyable with this guy, then what wouldn’t be?

That guy raking leaves in the rain was my husband, Blake.  So, here’s proof that a chilly, rainy autumn night can turn into something really good.  Hope you’re enjoying yours!


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  1. Sweet story…glad for the happy ending.

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