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binkys anonymous

Hi, my name is Avery and I’m a binky addict.


It’s been two days since my last binky.

I’m extremely irritable, have trouble sleeping, and can’t think of much else besides when my next binky fix will be.

My lowest moment was when I crawled under my crib to discover 6 binkies that I had hid and/or dropped.  I put two in my mouth, and held two in each hand.

I miss my binky a lot, but I think I will have a better life without it.DSC_0006

Stay tuned- next is how Mom becomes a wine-aholic to deal with my withdrawl issues.


Comments on: "binkys anonymous" (4)

  1. leopardprintandmotherhood said:

    Hang in there- it’s the toughest thing I had to do with violet. But trust me, the sooner she can kick the habit the better!

  2. Love the post; hang in there. She’ll do it!

  3. Can Piper join Avery in BA? She’s got a problem too 😛 But I don’t know if she’s ready to kick her habit… I’m scared to even try!

  4. Awww!! I was really blessed that none of my kids ever took a binkie (other than Emma when she was under the jaundice lights and wanted to suck…and then for about a week after)….but dang, I think your way is better than seeing big kids with binkies!

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