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meet noelle

This year, we are starting a new family tradition- The Elf on the Shelf!  The idea is that this elf watches over the children all day and then reports to Santa each night how they have been.  It can be a lot of fun though because you hide the elf each night and then have the kids find it in the morning.  These elves can be quite mischievous and get themselves into trouble sometimes.  Stay tuned for that!DSC_0265This morning, Noelle showed up on our dining room table with a gift of mini powdered donuts for the girls!  She even left a note to explain who she was.

DSC_0267Macy seemed excited about our new elf friend.  Avery was more focused on the donuts.

DSC_0276DSC_0273I can’t wait to see where Noelle is tomorrow!


giving thanks

This year for Thanksgiving, I was responsible for making a pumpkin roll, coleslaw, and Drunken Shrimp.  I have to say that all my dishes came out fantastic!

image (5)


Somehow, the gravy spilled all over my plate, but it didn’t ruin my meal too much.  After all, is there really such a thing as too much gravy?

image (6)

Mmmm!  Just looking at that picture makes me hungry for more!  I enjoyed a slice of my pumpkin roll with a small piece of cherry crumb pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

image (7)

image (8)And we all know that Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating.  It’s about taking a moment to think about all of things we are blessed to have in our lives and giving thanks for those things.  This is what I am most thankful for- my perfect little family!





sweet serenade

On Wednesday, the hubs and I went to visit the Martin Guitar Factory.  He has wanted one of these guitars forever, and we may finally be committing to one.  image (1)We looked through the museum there and then went into an acoustic room that had some high end guitars available to play.  He played a few sweet songs for my enjoyment.

image (2)I think he narrowed it down to the guitar he wants, so hopefully Santa will be good to him this year Smile  Next, we went to Bonefish Grill for dinner.  Apparently they have a special on my favorite bang bang shrimp on Wednesdays for only $5!  We obviously had to order two.  Add a few drinks, some delicious entrees, and we had the makings for a wonderful evening out!

image (3)

gobble gobble

The girls made really cute turkey hats at story time this week. Macy is, of course, a huge fan of crafts and now Avery has been participating in making a craft as well. I’m fairly confident her favorite part of story time is still the snack though!



four eyes

I’ve been wearing glasses since third grade for the past two weeks in preparation of a LASIK evaluation that I had done yesterday. I’m used to only wearing my glasses for about an hour each morning before i put my contacts in, so I have really disliked sporting my spectacles full time. My supportive husband thinks I look so good in my glasses that he couldn’t believe I was planning to leave the house in them. When Macy noticed I was wearing them at the grocery store, she asked why and suggested that I don’t do it again. They really know how to make a girl feel good!

Now I’m back to my contact wearing ways and I’m cleared for LASIK surgery so hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be completely glasses and contacts free!

For now, I’ll just enjoy getting cookies out of the oven without my glasses fogging up, being able to see in the shower to shave my legs, and exercising without my glasses bouncing all over the place!


turkey time

When we were unpacking the fall decorations, Macy found this turkey that she made at story time last year.  She excitedly exclaimed, “It’s turkey time!”.  I told her that it’s not Thanksgiving, or turkey time until after Halloween passes.

So, here I am to say that it’s official- It’s Turkey Time!!


hands free eating

One of my favorite lunch spots is Panera.  Macy requests that we go there every so often after pre-school and I am usually happy to oblige.  For the girls, lunch begins with mac & cheese and ends with a cookie.

imageAvery’s been doing this thing lately where she eats hands free.  She is so hilarious sometimes!  Even at 14 months, she just loves to be silly.  I hope that’s something that she never loses.

photo (5)