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tuesday morning

Here’s what my morning has looked like so far:
Drop Macy off at preschool
Target trip
Quick stop at TJMaxx
Another quick stop in Michaels
Pick up (my first ever) salted caramel hot chocolate

Sit in the parking lot for an hour while Avery naps. How cute is it that she fell asleep mid-snack?

Soon I’m waking her up to go grocery shopping and then we’re off to pick her her big sis. Does anyone else sit in the car while their child naps or am I the only crazy one?


Comments on: "tuesday morning" (3)

  1. I would always sit in the car while Octavian napped! It is actually the reason I got a kindle!

  2. Our weekends revolve around car naps! 🙂

  3. Sounds busy. How was the hot chocolate?

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