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a few random things

1) Yesterday I was lazy for most of day, so decided to go on a run later in the afternoon.  It was misting outside, which usually isn’t a problem, but I was wearing glasses and seriously couldn’t see a thing.  I had to stop every half mile to clear off my glasses.  LASIK (surgery is scheduled for this Thursday! Smile) cannot come soon enough! 

Crappy picture to go with my crappy run.

image (11)

2) Today I had the freedom of going grocery shopping solo because Blake was planning to do office work all day.  I had to focus on getting a huge list of things for the week and hosting Christmas Eve dinner, so it was nice to only worry about groceries and not about entertaining two children.  Afterwards, I picked up lunch at Panera for us.  It really was “a moment to be merry, full of joy, and filled with cheer.”

image (12)

3) I personalized this video from Santa for Macy and she was in complete awe that he knows her name, her age, what she wants, and where she lives.  He even had a picture of her.  We’ve watched it five times already.

photo (2)

4) Blakester and I just watched Home Alone and drank egg nog while snuggling on the couch.  This reminded me that I don’t love egg nog, but I do love my husband.  Very much so. Red heart

photo (1)


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  1. running in glasses is so hardcore! nice job!

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