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mini wine tour

Another fun thing I did over the weekend was reunite with my bestie, Tiffany, for a mini wine tour.  First we went to Cherry Valley winery, where we did a little sampling and then headed into a separate building for some pizza.  Little did we know that it was “Sangria Sunday” which features a pitcher of sangria and a pizza to share.  Sign me up!  There was even live music beginning at 1. 

photo (10)

image (19)Next, we traveled a few miles to Mountain View Vineyards.  Remember when I went to a wine pairing dinner at Frogtown Inn that featured this local winery?  I don’t recall loving any of the wines (and in fact I stated that in my post), but Tiff and I found that we enjoyed a lot of them!  Maybe it was the sangria…  I also loved that the woman behind the counter is the owner (she lives above the tasting room!) and was so friendly.  It was a nice personal touch.

A best friend, wine, pizza, and live music all add up to a wonderful Sunday afternoon!  When can we do it again?


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