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cradle upgrade

I passed by the same antique store every day eyeing up this cradle that I wanted to buy for Avery’s baby doll to sleep in, but it took me weeks before I finally stopped to ask how much.  When she said $15, I was sold!


I sanded it down and then spray painted it yellow, applying three light coats of paint.

photo (19)

Next, I bought a pillow from Target to use as the mattress since I could not find a cradle mattress that was the right size.  I bought some fabric on Etsy and got to work on sewing a cover for it. I am very new to using a sewing machine, so I was quite proud of myself for taking on t his project!

photo (18)

I used a chevron print for the top and polka dots (my fav!) for the sides.  I then stapled the fabric around the pillow to a board that fit into the cradle.



I am in love with the finished product and so are the girls (and their babies) Smile  Stay  tuned for more sewing projects on the way!



Comments on: "cradle upgrade" (2)

  1. Great job! I got a sewing machine for Christmas but haven’t had time to play around with it. I can’t wait for my first project!

  2. […] recently told you of my new found love for sewing, so of course I have been busy with a few little projects.  This is another one that I had […]

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