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I recently told you of my new found love for sewing, so of course I have been busy with a few little projects.  This is another one that I had planned on having ready by Christmas morning that didn’t work out, but at least it is done now!

I was inspired by this puppet theater from Land of Nod.


I like the colors of mine much better though, obviously, and I used a tension rod to hang ours instead of the ties.  This way we don’t have to put any nail holes in the wall to hang our theater and also it can easily be hung in any doorway.  Here is (a not so good picture of) my finished product:

photo (20)

My cost was around $18 for the fabric and rod.  The Land of Nod one sells for $39. , so I was able to save a little bit of money.  I may add pockets to ours like they have shown, but I’m not sure if I should put them on the front or back of the theater yet.  Land of Nod also sell the cutest puppets to go with the theater.  I bought Goldilocks and the Three bears for our little ones Smile

The Three Little Pigs set is also adorable!


Comments on: "goldilocks and the three bears" (3)

  1. Awesome, as usual, Rita!

  2. Dad says you could have sewn the puppet, too.

  3. super cute…I love Land of Nod too!

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