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skincare regimen


I’ve recently been using coconut oil as a facial moisturizer.  I love the smell and the simplicity of it- coconut oil doesn’t contain questionable chemicals and ingredients.  It works great as a moisturizer and For exfoliating, you could blend coconut oil with coarse sugar or salt to use as a simple, affordable face scrub.


A great way to take care of your skin is getting regular facials. Pure Day Spa offers a few different types of pampering facials.  They use Yonka Skin Care Products for a luxurious experience, tailored to your skin type.  One of the best things about Yonka’s products is that they are all natural and don’t contain parabens.  (Parabens are preservatives found in some cosmetics.  This chemical has been associated with cancer though, and should be avoided.)  Yonka uses natural plant extracts and essential oils to achieve clear, radiant skin.

Whether you’re interested in deep pore cleansing, resurfacing, hydrating, or firming and lifting, Pure has a facial for you!

I had a facial scheduled at Pure last week and had to cancel because I didn’t have a babysitter, but I will definitely be rescheduling soon.  Maybe I’ll see you there?


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