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nature box

I recently tried Nature Box for the first time and I’m a fan!  With my no-dairy diet, it’s been hard to find snacks I can eat that still taste good.  With Nature Box, it’s as easy as checking a box to select dairy free snacks.  You can opt to let them choose the snacks for you, or select your own.  I chose to select my own.  So far, my favorites are the Big Island Pineapple and the Honey Crunch Crisps (which are already gone!).DSC_0184

I used a coupon to get my first box 50% off (these five snacks cost around $10).  I think I will stick with this subscription service for awhile.  I really enjoyed all the snacks and can’t wait to try new things next month!

If you’re interested in trying Nature Box (and want to save half off your first box!!), use this link.  Hope you love your snacks as much as I do!


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  1. I took your tip and ordered some vegan snacks as part of our dairy free diet. They should be here friday and I cant wait!

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