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cooking class

Last night, I attended a cooking class at my local cooking store, Cooks Tour. Blake’s sister, Meredith, invited me to go with her, and I was happy to accept the offer! Each class features a different chef, and this class was led by chef Lyman Winner, from one of my favorite restaurants- The Frogtown Inn!20120524-132314.jpg

First, Lyman reviewed what we would be making for the evening, and then we got to work. I was excited that everything on the menu for the night sounded very appetizing to me!

First, was a chilled melon soup, garnished with fresh mint and a touch of ground black pepper.


Next, was a jicama and watercress salad with a lemon honey vingarette.


The main course was strip steaks with a smoked paprika rub, grilled shrimp that were marinated in a soy, ginger, and orange marinade and then served with a spicy pineapple chutney, and grilled sweet potatoes. We used a charcoal grill for all of the main dishes, which gave everything a wonderful flavor. I especially loved the pineapple chutney, even with the sweet potatoes. (My plate doesn’t look nearly as appetizing as Lyman’s did, but I can assure you that everything tasted delicious!)20120524-132412.jpg

Dessert was a triple chocolate custard, which I wasn’t too excited about, but ended up being amazing!20120524-132423.jpg

It was a very fun night and I hope to go to another class soon. Who wants in?