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movie date and sesame street live

Well, instead of trying to update you with everything that’s been going on in the past few weeks while I haven’t been blogging, I am just going to start with last night and today. How does that sound?

Last night (my Thursday night off) I included my hubby and went out on a little date night.  First we saw a movie, which we hadn’t done in ages.  We saw Identity Thief and both thought it was pretty good.

Identity Thief (2013) Poster

I loved stuffing my face with movie theater popcorn!  There’s nothing like it.

photo (26)We then had a late night snack and a few glasses of wine at Smuggler’s Cove.  This used to be our go-to restaurant but we hadn’t been there together in awhile, so it was a nice change.

I recycled my outfit from last night (pink pants!) for today’s outing.  If I know I won’t be seeing any of the same people, I get another wear out of my outfit… Does anyone else do this or am I the only dirty one?

photo (27)

This morning was all about family time.  We had tickets to see Sesame Street Live, and the girls loved it, especially Macy.  Avery liked Grover (always does) and Elmo, but lost interest much more quickly.  We left halfway through the second half, but still enjoyed most of the show.

image (27)Note: We brought our own Sesame Street characters from home to avoid buying the overpriced ones at the show.  I highly recommend doing the same!image (28)